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E-Commerce & Online Retailers

Online retailers both established and startups are looking for ways to maximize revenue with existing budgets. They also continue to innovate through skillful merchandising, supply chain partnerships and use of appropriate technology that helps them differentiate themselves from competition. Nkonghosoft develops solutions using COTS and custom development for e-Commerce enterprises and online retailers to help them remain competitive. Nkonghosoft has helped many online retailers:

  • Develop innovative storefronts using RIA
  • Streamline order flow, integrate inventory feeds
  • Enable seamless data exchange with vendors and partners
  • Automate internal workflow processes
  • Integrate web applications with ERP systems
  • Develop custom CRM and personalization solutions for loyalty programs
  • Intelligently use web services and APIs for integration with agencies like aggregators, credit rating agencies and other e-commerce providers

Nkonghosoft’s Performance testing and Quality Assurance (QA) services help online retailers test and fortify their application for events, seasonal shoppers and unpredictable traffic scenarios. REQUEST FREE EVALUATION


Data is the foundation of all retail processes and the warrantor of their productivity. Nkonghosoft offers smart multi-level data analysis that assists retailers in:
--> Optimizing categories/SKU sales planning
--> Unlocking additional sales growth opportunities
--> Planning sales and marketing activities
--> Vendor management
--> Maximizing operational efficiency


Apart from providing professional maintenance, Nkonghosoft is ready to develop unique retail solutions which are initially tailored to your individual needs. We deal with all types of retail software, including:
--> ERP systems (including integration with the 3rd party software)
--> POS applications (item list, sales processing and integration with POS devices)
--> Back office software (item editor, inventory management, software integration)


At Nkonghosoft, we specialize in building and supporting robust, high-capacity web applications and information systems for organizations with online business models. Over the years, we have used our expertise in e-commerce, intranet and portal development, personalisation technology, and community- building to design systems that manage customer information, analyzes complex data sets, and target and deliver personalized content.

Nkonghosoft’s e-business solutions are characterized by a reliable, scalable architecture that reduces downtime while withstanding large volumes of transactions.

Services include:

  • Web application design and architecture (multi-tenant, scalable, extensible
  • Front end design (RIA)
  • Making right choices in technologies, tools
  • Consulting services for build or buy decisions
  • Full cycle development services from Discovery to Design, Develop and Deploy
  • Advisory on hosting and infrastructure services
  • Performance Engineering
  • Testing – Performance Testing, functional testing and validation
  • Integration with external partners and ERP applications
  • Database optimization
  • Ongoing maintenance and support services


We follow agile development process to ensure that our customers get best-in-domain services within the stipulated time frame.


You (the client) contact us via call, skype, website or live chat and share your project requirement with us.


Our experts will review your project and contact you within 24 hours to discuss about your business and help identify your needs.


Based on the project, our experts suggest you the best engagement model, estimated timelines and cost for project development.


As per the engagement model, your project is allocated to a team having in-depth knowledge of domain of your business.


After robust quality analysis, our project manager delivers project as per your delivery timeline.


We help you Achieve what you want.

Get expert dedicated team with in-depth technical expertise for your startup. You’ll have complete control of project with fast turnarounds & risk-free guarantees.

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